Saturday 30th of March 2019
2:30 pm > 3:30 pm
Palais des Beaux-Arts, Lille
Free entrance

The Video Mapping Festival #2 offers a video mapping competition to reward the best productions of the year.

A Jury composed of mapping professionals (artists, festival programmers, producers, researchers, etc.) will award the prizes on Saturday 30th of March 2019 at 9:30 pm at L’hybride in Lille.



The hen house

Loom Prod (France) / Micro mapping / 3 min 45
Discover this new cultural place, former mine site registered as a UNESCO World Heritage site, thanks to several micro mapping.
Date and place of the public screening: Cité des Électriciens, Bruay-La-Buissière, France – 2nd of June 2018 (Video Mapping Festival #1)

Connected boxes

Gervaise Duchaussoy (France) / Micro mapping / 2 min 19
Two beings each confined in a tight space, are trying to escape. An encounter arises from this quest: an odd dialog based on the connected vessels principle begins…
Date and place of the public screening: Rue de Béthune, Lille, France – 23rd of March 2018 (Video Mapping Festival #1)

Light Noise

V.P.M. (Spain) / Mapping immersif / 3 min 03
Light Noise is an experimental project based on color and its absence, life and inertness, silence and noise, lights and shadows. This project has been created in an inverse way to the traditional ones, first the soundtrack has been generated and then each sound will be represented in a graphic and synchronized way. Light Noise was held at the source of the Place de la République and its surroundings. A great immersive installation that transport us to a new fractal dimension.
Date and place of the public screening: Place de la République, Lille, France – 23rd of March 2018 (Video Mapping Festival #1)

The Monsters’ theatre

Maëva Jacques & Claudia Cortés Espejo (France, Belgique) / Immersive video mapping / 4 min 55
The City of Lille used to be called “Isla” from the Latin “Insula”, and was literally an island surrounded by the Deûle. The Canal Saint-Pierre was one of the numerous canals that encircled the city. Although it is now burried under the ground and hidden from the passers-by’s view, that place seems to have kept within its walls all of the echoes from the past. A mysterious atmosphere emerges, opening the doors of imagination. “Attracted by that curious mix of history and dreamlike atmosphere, we decided to tell the story of Lille and the Canal as a tale, outlining its history from its creation until its closure. All from the point of view of the monsters which seem to live inside the canal from time immemorial.”
Date and place of the public screening: Canal Saint-Pierre, Lille, France – 23 mars 2018 (Video Mapping Festival #1)



Vogue 20 years

Sila Sveta (Russia) / 360° mapping / 2 min 02
To mark Vogue’s 20th anniversary, Sila Sveta produced large-scale 360 multimedia experience: total illumination of the interior space of the iconic building designed in the Soviet Modernism style. Their audiovisual performance was inspired by the works of Lissitzky, Kandinsky and Goncharova. Using the synthesis of music and art, the mapping celebrates the concepts of their works and creates an immersive experience into the digital world of Russian avant-garde.
Date and place of the public screening: Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, Russia – 3rd of December 2018


Simon Lazarus (France) / 360° mapping / 1 min 45
This video mural takes place after a one-week drawing workshop with 6 to 9 years old kids around the ideas of tales, heros, monsters and legends. The ghostlike ballet of evaporated drawings haunts the Castle’s attic as an allegory of forgotten childhood dreams.
Date and place of the public screening: Maintenon Castle, France – 27th and 28th of October 2018 (Festival du Légendaire 2018)


Limbic Cinema (United Kingdom) / Live mapping / 5 min
Substratum is a collaboration between the Full Tilt Aerial Theatre company and the creative technologists Limbic Cinema, with an original composition by Ahmet Kenan Bilgic and Serkan Emre Ciftci, performed by an international cast and produced by Rowan Fae. Projection mapped visuals are tightly synchronised with the vertical dance performance in a 25 minute show that explores the elements over 4 sections of choreography and animation.
Date and place of the public screening: Hull College, Hull, United-Kingdom – 1st of September 2018 (Freedom Festival 2018)


Théoriz (France) / 360° mapping / 6 min 07
PASSAGE is an artistic movie involving elements of dance and new technologies entirely shot in mixed reality. In this movie, we follow the journey of 2 individuals trying to find one another through surreal worlds and layers of reality and virtuality, but is not the movie itself already an illusion?


Radu Ignat (Romania) / Object video mapping / 3 min 30
Without the light to highlight the features of each we would be faceless, without the differences created by the light we would all be the same. Light is the one that gives us identity or can take it from us. Animations are projected on a 3-meter high metal mask that transform the mask in different ways change its features, shape or fabric.
Date and place of the public screening: Bucharest, Roumanie – From 12th to 15th of April 2018 (Spotlight Bucharest 2018)


ARCAAN Collective (France) / 360° mapping / 6 min 50
Immersive is a 360° experience combining perspective and individual point of view. The visual and sound patterns play on the notion of repetition and temporal echo in a rhythmic progression developing on the architecture of the place and using the illusion of the Op art and Minimalist universes.
Date and place of the public screening: Pula, Croatie – From 13th to 15th of September 2018 (Visualia Festival 2018)


Grandpa’s Lab (Portugal) / Live mapping / 3 min 35
An expedition ordered by an unusual captain seeks traces, concrete evidence to determine if the Moorish legend is true or not. They arrive at the Trajan Bridge and establish their station of observation and recognition of unidentified phenomena. On the night of the 8th of July, the first records begin to appear and the crew, as well as the inhabitants of Chaves, are surprised by a phenomenon of a spectacular magnitude.
Date and place of the public screening: Roman bridge, Chaves, Portugal – 8th of July 2018

Cathedral of Thieves

Limelight (Hungary) / Object video maping / 2 min 22
The encounter between an intricate wood art and video mapping! Cathedral of Thieves, an artwork made of 13 layers of birch wood is brought to life by the video mapping artwork of Limelight. Recently premiered in Los Angeles, this limited edition work of art is available for exhibition in festivals, art museums and galleries.

Lamborghini Urus

Sila Sveta (Russia) / Live mapping / 5 min
The world’s first super sport utility vehicle from the legendary Italian manufacturer was introduced in the Museum of Moscow. For the main show, Sila Sveta presented a unique mix of multimedia technologies, including projection on kinetic surfaces suspended on winches. The creative visual content of the show was seamlessly connected with the technical part reflecting the approach of Lamborghini engineers to the creation of Urus.
Date and place of the public screening: Museum of Moscow, Russia – 15th of February 2018

My little rubbish world

V.P.M. (Espagne) / Object video mapping / 3 min 49
An electrovegetal ecosystem where the plants absorb the pollutant residues emitted by the accumulated waste, creating an electronatural symbiosis.



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