The Video Mapping Festival in the Hauts-de-France Region

Hauts-de-France Region

From the month of April, about 15 cities in France will host the Festival for unprecedented video mapping events (monument, immersive, video mapping tours...) that will highlight the specificities of each territory through the valorisation of their heritage.

Due to government announcements, the events of the Video Mapping Festival in region are maintained or postponed (see the dates below).
The events that are not included in this calendar are postponed to 2021. The postponement dates will be communicated later.

Anzin (Dampierre Castle) / 12th of September
Fresnes-sur-Escaut (Le quARTier) / 18th of September - CANCELLED
Bavay (Antique Forum) / 3rd of October - CANCELLED
Maubeuge (La Grimpette Stairway) / 17th of October
Lauwin-Planque (City Hall and Saint-Ranulphe Church) / 11th, 12th, 13th, 18th, 19th & 20th of December
Chauny (Train Station) / 19th of December
Bavay (Antique Forum) / 10th of April
Maubeuge (La Grimpette Stairway) / 24th of April
Saint-Omer (Auditorium Saint-Jean) / 25th of April
Fresnes-sur-Escaut (Le quARTier) / 9th of May
Béthune (Video mapping tour in the city) / 16th of May
Chauny (Train Station) / 21st of May
Douaisis Agglo (Cuincy, Sin-le-Noble, Waziers) / 5th and 6th of June
Fourmies (City Hall) / 20th of June
Anzin (Dampierre Castle) / 21st of June
Bruay-La-Buissière (Cité des Électriciens) / 27th of June
Verberie (Aramont Castle) / Festival des Forêts - 30th of June
Agglo de Château-Thierry (L’Aiguillage, Étampes-sur-Marne) / 3rd of July
Saint-Valery-sur-Somme (Entrepôt des Sels) / 15th of August
Arras (Beffroi) / 5th of September